About Us

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Intimacy means to us "deep knowing between all beings engaged in the connection."  So, while one can be intimate with oneself, with one's partners, children, and community, intimacy is not a one-way street.  To be intimate, therefore is a practice, where everyone involved is engaged in the process of deeply knowing each other.

The Intimacy Cadre is a community for everyone, but it was co-created by Jim Macdonald and Dee Elle in Bozeman, Montana.

A cadre is a group of people dedicated to a particular practice.

Therefore, our Intimacy Cadre is a group of people dedicated to the practice of intimacy 🙂

Our practice involves workshops, gatherings, retreats, one-on-one's, two-on-two's, and all the fun stuff on this site. We want it to include you; if you want to be part of the cadre not only as an attendee but also with something to offer and share, contact us.

What the Intimacy Cadre Is and Is Not

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The Intimacy Cadre is a living, growing connection of fabulousness – steered by the creative additions of each lovely human involved.
It is a place to come and be as you are. In fact, it encourages and celebrates you as you are.
It is NOT a place of shaming, making fun of, excluding.
It seeks consent, offers ears and hearts and open arms.
It is – Yes. No and Maybe. Given AND Received.
It is NOT ruled by a One - it is the voice of the Many.
It Is Love <3

About Jim and Dee Elle

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Jim and Dee Elle have a passion for intimacy work with each other, ourselves, and our community. We often dance (alone, together, and with others) wherever music is playing (and sometimes when it isn't).

Jim (who is almost always well-dressed and colorFUL) is a licensed Chakradance facilitator and is working toward a teacher certification in SkyDancing Tantra. You can see him in town at Last Best Comedy taking improv classes and occasionally performing. He also has a long history as an activist. Jim and his friend Aly formed Bozeman Antifa Dance (and Theatre Collective) and are often seen around town dancing in free public spaces.

Dee Elle loves hosting workshops designed to help us speak our own vibrational language and has written an e-book guide to support emotional release with essential oils and breathwork. She dreams of hula hooping some day on a stage as her son (who is a music producer) rocks some sick beats. She also loves to burn sh*t, go for long walks in the forest, AND soak in hot springs. Dee Elle has started also doing practices specifically geared to women, including a 31-day online adventure centered on pleasure and talks focused on "The Ecstatic Pussy."

Jim and Dee Elle met after many relationships, kids, and varied life experiences. Since meeting, our lives have been consumed with fostering love, affection, and intimacy practice. Now, two infectious people like us are seeking others who want to spread intimacy into the Gallatin Valley and beyond.