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Based in Bozeman, Montana, we are  a community learning about and practicing intimacy. For us, intimacy means deeply knowing and seeing while being deeply known and seen – by ourselves, our loved ones, or our community. Here you can register for our events, hear our podcasts, and find tools for your intimacy practice.

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We have a lot going on in Bozeman and elsewhere!

Here is a list of our upcoming events

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Jim and Dee Elle are always having juicy private conversations about intimacy topics. They might as well be public! Be a fly on the wall and see what they have to say about anything from sexuality to communication and consent.

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Intimacy Toolbox

It is always great when intimacy happens organically, but it is clear in our society that intimacy skills are greatly lacking. While we all want some degree of closeness and depth of connection, we often don't know how.  In the Intimacy Toolbox, we provide some of the things we've learned along the way that we find helpful.

Among them is this beautiful sacred space communication ritual taught originally to Jim by people who practice SkyDancing Tantra. Sacred Space is a foundational element of the practices in our cadre.

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