Intimacy Toolbox – Holster & Suspenders

This is Cadre Zone De Exploration.

These are things we love to use and want to share!

They are busted up into multiple buckets – For Your Pleasure.  

Page is always under construction (we will keep adding as our cadre generates more tools) 

The Tools

(they only work if you use them)! 

  • Foundational
  • The Three Keys
  •      1. Breath / Breathing
         2. Movement
         3. Sound / Sounding


    writings. ramblings. ceremonies. the goods. 

    These create the foundation to both grow AND spring from. 

    Some fabulous compost to nourish the soil/soul of your Intimacy Practice.   

    One foundational piece is Sacred Space, which is a beautiful ceremony taught to Jim by his SkyDancing tantra friends; you can see an example of our ritual on YouTube. We also have a PDF write-up of sacred space that you can download and print.

    Jim also wrote up a description of what "intimacy" means (PDF) and what we hope to accomplish with our work.

    Much (though not all) of our foundational practices are inspired by Margot Anand, writer of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic. We highly recommend checking those books out.

    Breath / Breathing

    ~ start right now. breathe IN. breathe Out. Repeat. 

    This tool not only sends a rush of O2 to all parts of you, it is also a fabulous way to move energy. 

    When wielded, it is a force that can shift how you feel in your body, life and beyond. For realz!

    Learn all kinds of breathing practices – yes, it is both a practice AND it takes practice.

    When practiced, it can become a powerful ally that swiftly rushes IN to support you wherever you are. 


    Movement~ move it (your body) or lose it. 

    Movement supports SO much in the body (and far, far beyond). 

    There are many different movement practices to explore here AND many of them can be done anywhere, anytime!   

    If you are here in Bozeman, you can dance with us! We often Ecstatic Dance at Emergence Movement & Wellness (a wonderful and welcoming energetic space that also houses many of our workshops). Check out their page for all kinds of movement practices.

    Jim also practices Chakradance. If you are interested, contact us. Chakradance will also be featured within our weekend retreats.

    We also dance in public A LOT! Jim and his friend Aly do so as part of their Bozeman Antifa Dance project. You can learn all about these dances that you are totally welcome to join. Contact Jim to see if they have any planned.

    Sound / Sounding

    ~ it carries our yeses, our no's, gives life to our desires and an exit portal to anything trapped within. 

    And sooooo much more.

    We will practice using our voices – so asking for what we want (and DON'T want) can move thru the throat portal with greater ease.

    We will give voice to what lives within the body, offering it a pathway out AND another tool for moving energy.