something just AirDropped in to my BloodStream-

 this hormone ride is an absolute TRIP.

i woke yesterday

feeling fine.

then- all of a sudden

something felt like it AirDropped IN to my BloodStream.


it came out of nowhere

but i suppose it came from SOMEwhere

and in that moment 

the dials on my inner meters 

started turning


i immediately started feeling

TOtally different. 

& not like- good different.

like -what the FUCK- different.

am i going crazy?

is my body experiencing random dumps of hormone overload?


a dehydration of hormone UNderload? 

does anyone know exactly what is happening?

there are many mysterious things about the female anatomy~

scientists argue about the existence (or not) of:

the g spot. vaginal orgasms. the clit. 

when (exactly) a baby will be born.

when & how a woman may experience her 'change in hormones'.

and So Much More!

maybe SOMEone(s) has these answers.

and maybe there are ALSO such mysteries happening in the bodies of men.

are hormones even physical in nature?

i mean

they can be affected by so many things. 

and we toss them around like they- 

'ain't no big deal'

so now they live in like every tissue of every THING on the planet.

and contact with or consumption of any of these THINGS can then affect 

well, a LOT.

funny how consumed i can get with the thing that is loud in myself.

and when the hormones are loud

they are using a fucking electric megaphone.


i feel fine (at least now. ha!)

what the hell?!

did they just -wear off?



right now

my body feels like my own private (tho not always private) laboratory.

i am experimenting with many things-

what works. what doesn't. 

what works sometimes. other times. never?

can i just change the code in my inners


Complete Harmonization


and the experiment continues. 

and continues to continue 


well, i'm not sure until what.

but i will let you know if i crack the code


cause any explosions 

in my Body Lab.