the glass is everywhere

i broke thru the crust

and the shards are everywhere

i feel like i might lose a finger.

weird sensation

moving thru the rubble

of the broken wall IN to my life.

i feel ok

tho my surroundings feel dangerous

like i dropped on to a planet 

or parallel something

and am needing to micro-adjust ALL of me

to navigate the newness.

is it my newness?

did someone slip something in to my hot springs?

is anything missing in THIS version?

or maybe i just peeled to a new layer

with the composted me under foot

nourishing my steps ahead. 

ahead. behind. beyond. sideways. up & down.

some new red shoes are calling to my feet

ready to do some dancing. 

the glass is everywhere

or maybe it's coals.

i'll just grab my purple light saber

and glow my bod to the next layer of crust

(unless it's not crust. maybe it's a layer of feathers this time. soft ones)>>>